Prepping the Office

The people who had this space before me painted it a dreary grey color, and we talked with the owner about repainting it. He readily agreed as long as I paint it white before I leave. I thought about arguing that the previous tenant seemed to have no provision in his lease but Tamara shook her head in warning at me. There wasn’t really anything else I could do because the office location was hands down the best one we’d found and the price was very reasonable. So I just smiled and nodded and said that was fine.

It isn’t a huge office, but…there is a lot of wall space. I figured it would take a week, or at least a very costly professional, to get it all done. But I was talking to my father-in-law about it during one of his really good periods and he mentioned that he has an air compressor and an air paint gun in a shed in the yard. I checked them out and sure enough, everything was still operational. I couldn’t believe it. The air compressor is electric and didn’t even look all that old. It made me sad to think that my father in law bought this, taking what looked like excellent care of the compressor and tools under the assumption that by doing so he would be able to use it for years to come. And now there are days where he doesn’t even remember these things are out there in the yard, and days that are worse even than that.

I went with Tamara to the store to pick out paint, mostly for her translating skills. She talked to the owner and explained to him what we were going to do with the paint, and he was able to give us instructions on how to thin it, how to hook everything up, and how to clean everything once we were done. He recommended a few colors and then we chose one—it is a very light blue, almost a white. It should be very easy to paint over, and because it has the primer mixed in already, it would cover that ghastly institutional grey that was already there.

Tamara helped me prep the office. Since there is no furniture, this didn’t take long. Drop cloths on the floors, taping around windows and trim. We opened a few windows to allow the paint fumes to disperse and then Tamara went back home to help her mother with dinner. I haven’t been around too many power tools, but I had listened to the store owner, and again when Tamara explained it, so I felt like I had things pretty much under control. I prepped the paint and fired up the compressor. There was a bit of a learning curve to get everything to go on evenly but once I figured it all out, the walls were done quite quickly. I couldn’t believe how much time the air tools saved me. It took me the better part of two days, not a whole week.

I got everything cleaned up, brought it all home, and put it back where my father in law had stored it. I hope that one day he remembers it is all there and uses it for something.