Chilean Air

I relocated to Chile with my wife for some very good reasons. As I am an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, it is one place where I am seriously needed. There aren’t many doctors in this field who elect to give up their lives at home and go. Plus it is where my wife’s family resides. It is hard work, but very much worth it because I love giving people back their smile after traumatic events or devastating disease. A cleft palate is a disfiguring thing that is all too common in outlying areas where treatment is not readily at hand. There is so much to be done as the people are not in a position to provide surgical procedures for themselves financially. You no doubt have seen the photos of the sad cases of children needing immediate attention. So I ply my trade and someday perhaps I will move on. Maybe not because of the terrible air quality back home. It is so pure and crystal clear in Chile. When you breathe the air you feel a purification of your lungs. You want to be outside a good part of the time to take advantage. I have become adjusted to a new standard and I would need an air purifier at home virtually round the clock if I went back. Moving to Chile has probably extended my life with the clean air. I was dependent on an air purifier for my asthma but felt it was insufficient to battle the air quality I was subjected to.

An air purifier can help you out if you have allergies, asthma, and any respiratory ailments. They are marvelous machines that take up little space but pack a medical wallop. I didn’t even know about them for the longest time as they are not a fixture in every home in the U.S. Some areas experience better air quality than others so you have to know the readings if this is a health issue for you. If it is the filters on these purifiers can eliminate dust, pollen, spores, bacteria, and all kinds of allergens and pollutants of which there are ample where I used to live. When you know there are heavenly places on earth like Chile, it makes you ready to go and leave the air purifier behind. Instead, you have Mother Nature’s natural gift to the region. You have to go to Switzerland or the French Alps perhaps to experience the same degree of air cleanliness. I love the beauty of the country of Chile in any case, so the air quality is another added attraction. Living in the mountains as many do you can avail yourself of something sublime. You take in a few deep breaths and they don’t resemble anything you remember back home. The combination of air, scenic beauty, rich folk culture, and unique lifestyle are all I need to call this my second home. If you haven’t visited, you have a real treat in store. Pictures can’t do it justice. Get on a plane, my friend, and join me in paradise.