A Much Deserved Break

I work hard and there isn’t much time for play. You know when you get to the point for a much deserved break. I wish I could take a hike in the beautiful countryside or visit another city or village. After months on the job, my wife and I decide a trip to the coast is long overdue so we can spend some free time relaxing together on the beach. And they are glorious. Some beaches are simply more spectacular than others. We looked into the matter and selected a place we knew would be ideal. We counted the days until our departure. We had people cover for us in terms of our responsibilities so we felt unencumbered by the trip. We packed up our gear, trying to limiting it to the essentials so we would not have to haul too much stuff. We are the kind of people who almost like the rudiments of camping rather than having to unpack multiple bags. Who needs more than a few necessities of life. Beach gear is pretty basic: a towel or two, bathing suits, and a change of sun wear. Flip flops replace shoes and shorts pretty much are the expected attire.

We thought we had planned our packing well and got to our destination with all bags intact. Nothing was too heavy or cumbersome. We couldn’t wait for our first day on the sand under the light of the blazing sun. The sky was an intense blue with no clouds to mar its perfection. We laid down our towels, ran to the water, and went for a swim. After a few hours, we realized that some degree of comfort was lacking. We didn’t have any of our portable beach chairs with us, even the basic wooden and cloth fold up kind. Not wanted to lay my head so close to the sand, I really craved the ease of a chair to support my back. I could then be upright and watch all the goings on at the resort. I wandered about a bit looking for a source of these chairs. Surely the resort had a rental. I soon spied one close to a nearby hotel where the guests expected more than a few amenities. I quickly asked for two chairs that I could rent day by day. My wife was thrilled when I returned chairs in hand. She had the same idea about avoiding lying flat on the hot sand. She wanted to be able to read sitting up, take photos with her digital camera, and perhaps have a drink or a snack. I think we were not well-equipped to continue to enjoy our day.

I don’t know why we hadn’t thought about our own portable beach chairs to bring them with us. There was plenty of room in the car. If we had, we wouldn’t have faced the dilemma of the rental service running out of chairs. We had to wait a few hours to acquire the two we needed. It didn’t spoil the wonderful time in the sun, but it was a slight hitch in our plans.